Industrial Goods

Medifoods offers Healthier and Tastier choices to our consumers with our best Technology, Innovations vertically integrated from Farm to Fork. We work closely with our stakeholders and our operation teams to ensure that our products are well crafted with finest quality which will always meet International standard under GMP, HACCP, Natural & Organic.


Hom Mali & Jasmine Rice

Long Grain Rice
Glutinous Rice
Parboiled Rice
Sprouted (GABA) Rice
RiceBerry (Black purple rice)
Red Rice
RD 43 (Medium-Low GI) rice

Functional Rice Flour

Jasmine Rice flour
White Rice flour
Purple Rice flour

Glutinous Rice Flour

Brown Rice Flour

Black Purple Rice Flour

Medium Low GI Rice Flour

Sprouted Rice Flour (GABA)

High Protein Rice Flour

Instant Rice Porridge & Flake

for convenient foods, baby & elderly foods

Jasmine Rice Porridge

Brown rice Porridge

RD 43 Rice Porridge

(medium-low GI)

Purple Rice (Riceberry) Porridge

Extruded, Puffed Rice & Crumbs

for convenient foods, snack & beverages

Jasmine rice flake
Brown rice flake
Purple rice flake
Red rice flake
Rice flake

Protein Powder, Crunch, Granules

for healthy foods, snack & beverages

Brown rice protein
Purple Rice Protein
Red rice protein
Sacha Inchy Protein

Rice Drink

for “dairy substitutes” bakery, foods & beverage

Jasmine rice milk base
Purple rice milk base
Brown rice milk base
Sprouted rice milk base

Rice Cream Non Dairy Creamer

Rice & Plant Based Protein Paste

for healthy bakery, snack, spread and dips

Purple rice protein paste
Brown rice protein paste
Sprouted rice protein spread
Sasha Inchy protein paste

Functional Rice Oil

for cooking, dietary supplement, nutraceutical & cosmetic

Brown rice bran oil
Cold pressed brown rice bran oil

Extra virgin brown rice bran
and germ oil

Extra virgin purple rice bran
and germ oil